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Bright Sights Gun Sight Coatings

The Right Sights For You

Bright Sights is available in a range of colors so you can be sure you have the color combination exactly right for you and your individual shooting conditions.

Bright Sights could be right for you if you are...

Military, Law Enforcement & Target Shooting

Bright Sights is a tough and durable paint that stays on firearm sights in rugged environments even under the extreme heat and vibration of rapid fire.

Sports Shooting & Hunting

Bright Sights is patent-protected and used by professional gunsmiths, hunters, competition shooters, tactical units, S.O.G.(Special Operations Group) and law enforcement worldwide.

Bright Sights is a gun sight paint coatings company and one of the only gun sight coatings companies offering gun sight colors, gun sight paint coatings, gun sight coatings, gun sight coatings application kits, and gun sight cleaners, including high visibility gun coatings and luminescent gun coatings. Our high-visibility gun sight coatings, luminescent gun coatings, gun sight cleaner kits, gun sight coating applicators, and gun sight paint brushes are perfect for firearms of all types.