Our Company

Born out of frustration, bright sights was started in 1995 by a husband and wife team in lake Oswego, Oregon. After having problems lining up gun sights they realized it was more than just worsening eyesight. After discovering a contrast of colors would help them line the sights up better, they began working on a solution to their problem. They began experimenting with different paints and colors. They tried enamel paint, correction fluid and even marking pens but nothing on the market worked very well. Paint was clearly not the answer. They starting working on different non toxic chemical mixes to find a contrasting coating that would stay on gun sights even in harsh environments or after the extreme heat of firing several hundred rounds.

Finally, they found a mix that worked and began testing their first color, green, on their own guns. Other shooters started to take notice and they wanted in. All the testers said the same thing, " I can't believe the difference! It really works." And at their request other colors were produced: orange, red, yellow, white and even glow in the dark colors.

Today bright sights high visibility gun sight coatings are sold by hundreds of gun dealers across the United States and are used by thousands of satisfied gun owners, professional hunters, competition shooters, tactical units, special operations groups and law enforcement personnel worldwide.

BRIGHT SIGHTS actively supports organizations that protect and defend our rights as citizens under the 2nd amendment. The right to bear arms is guaranteed by our Constitution and enjoyed by millions of responsible gun owners throughout our country.

In order to help preserve this right, please click here to support the National Rifle Association.