"The Utah Army National Guard Security Department has converted all of its Baretta 92 - 9mm auto's to the Bright Sights System. Easy to install and we have not seen a better sight picture. Thanks for a great product."
Jim Stritikus - AASF Security Supervisor Utah Army National Guard

"My rifle recieved a lot of attention at deer camp this year. One fella said he liked BRIGHT SIGHTS better than his 3-9 power scope. It is also very durable, we hunt hard, brush is thick, it held up great. I found the orange on the front sight is very effective in low light conditions. I hunt with a Marlin 1895 45-70 where shots are close and fast (Deer, Black Bear). This product is the best."
Mike Mostardi

"Thanks for your quick shipment of my sight kit. I have already applied it to four of my personal firearms and numerous customer guns. Great product, a must have for ccw holders."
Keith Martin, owner and gunsmith, K.W. Outfitters

"This is the best paint I've ever put on my sights. . . this is a quality product and a quality company."
Rich Lee, Gunsmith

"Front sight focus suddenly was an instinctive thing to do as the orange colored front sight drew the focus right to it. This immediately cut my groups in half compared to the last time I shot the gun. At first I thought: "Well, lucky break." But the groups remained under 1.5-2.0 inches at 15 yards. Something that was left to luck before since I wasn't able to focus on the small GI front sight on the 1911.You and your company held their promise, Bright Sights has changed my hand-gunning performance."
B. Kuiper, The Netherlands

"This stuff is great, it's the only thing that works on gun sights, and it's a quality product!"
Rich's Gun Shop

"Installation was straightforward and all our customers were very pleased. We highly recommend your product."
Gary Hindman, ACE Custom 45's

"The United States Marine Corps would like some samples to try at our Quantico Systems Command."
Lt. Col., USMC

"I shoot black powder, and this is the only product that I can wipe the powder off, without wiping my sights off!"
Black Powder Shooter, Georgia

"I hunt in a variety of terrain and this helps contrast against the tremendous differences in natural colors I must shoot in."
South African Guide / Hunter

"I'm 55 years old and near sighted and far sighted. I wear tri-focal eye glasses with no less than 6 prescriptions in them. My shooting has improved back to a level it was 15 years ago. Bright Sights provides me a fully definable image that I have not been able to obtain with other products. Thanks for a great product! It will keep me shooting for a good long time."
Pete Paduano

"I put the GHOST GLOW on a gun and stayed in the light for just a few seconds then went into the dark. Wow, it really lights up!"
Patriot Arms